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Getting started with SDR radio using DVB-T USB dongle and gqrx

Some time ago I bought a cheap DVB-T USB dongle from ebay. I was inspired by several stories found on the internet how to use it as a primitive SDR (software-defined radio). Somehow I didn’t get around to do anything with it, partly because most of the instruction in net were for windows based PC’s and those I found at that time for linux were command line programs.

Recently I found a package called gqrx. It combines gnuradio and osmocom files into a nice package that resembles sdr# (sdrsharp). I decided to give it a try.

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APRS iGate setup with minimum hardware – part 4

It’s been a while since the last update. Let’s wrap this topic up by going through the final set-up for the minimum hardware (= soundmodem based) iGate.

Part 1 lists all the needed building blocks for the iGate. PC, linux/ubuntu operating system, soundmodem software, xastir software (aprs client), internet connection, 2m FM radio (only RX is needed for iGate) and an audio (stereo) cable with 3,5 stereo plugs are needed.

Part 2 shows how to configure the xastir for the connection to APRS-IS server. In this case there is no GPS, but your station location is entered as part of the station configuration. This makes sense for a fixed station, especially for an iGate.

Part 3 shows how to configure the soundmodem. When this is done it might be a good idea to test that the soundmodem works properly. This can be done with the soundmodemconfig’s Diagnostics functionality.

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